Shipping Pumps to Be Calibrated in Europe

Shipping Pumps to Be Calibrated in Europe

Ocean freighting pumps for calibration in Europe from Israel Mekorot company. This project had several stages: analyzing the required shipping equipment; preparing wooden packaging and lining (carpentry); analyzing the route to the destination in Europe; coordinating exporting customs processes, especially when importing into Europe; analyzing and weighing in shipping costs, and timing all stages for […]

Exporting Fuel Distilling Systems from Haifa to Eastern Europe

Ocean freighting fuel distilling systems from Israel to Eastern Europe. This shipment was done for an Israeli company in the fuel and oil industry that started its manufacturing and distilling operations in Eastern Europe. The intended equipment was manufactured in factories in Israel and required unconventional shipping via sea, to Eastern Europe. This project posed […]

Minsk Shipping – Pharma

Logistical Challenges During COVID-19, we were asked to operate a drop shipment from a factory in Minsk, Belarus to one of our clients. The intended cargo contained medicine that had to be temperature controlled at 150-250 C, along with thermal blankets and data loggers for temperature measurements.   Solution The complex shipment had a few […]

Pharma Cargo Importing from Brazil to Israel 

One of our clients asked us to air freight a temperature-controlled pharma delivery from Brazil to Israel during COVID-19. Operating the air freight included scheduling the pickup from the Brazil factory, providing temperature-controlled land and air freight, including the provision of thermal blankets and loggers to measure the temperature. Other than the challenge of maintaining […]

Importing Agriculture Equipment to Georgia

Ocean freighting agriculture equipment: tractors and agricultural machinery, from Israel to Georgia. The freighting project started by planning the shipment and container requirements, facilitating the commercial planning, and preparing complete pricing. In the second stage, we transported the equipment to the warehouse in Israel, including containerization on 40ft flat containers, and securing the items. Shipping […]

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