Energy, Oil, and Infrastructure

A Great Solution for Quick Delivery Times

Total Care Logistics specializes in international shipping and logistics of projects in the energy, oil, and petrochemistry industry. Our specialty focuses on providing solutions to the unique needs of the oil and gas drilling industry, petrochemical plants, refineries, natural gas and liquids facilities, and more.

Comprehensive Services for the Oil and Energy Industry

Planning and executing projects

Total Care Group provides end-to-end services for the oil and energy industry, from the planning stage all the way to executing the shipping and distribution processes. Our special services cover every aspect of the logistics chain, guaranteeing an efficient and streamlined process.

Logistical services for the energy industry

We emphasize planning, security, and meeting critical deadlines, which sets us apart from other shipping companies. We specialize in air, ocean, and land freighting as well as special express shipping for exporting equipment intended for inspection, repair, or calibration. Total Care Group is committed to having each stage of the logistics process done precisely and within the deadline.

Global application

We implement protocols via a sturdy network of Total Care Logistics agents around the world. Our local professional teams are strategically located and are skilled in shipping, customs release, land freighting, and storage. This global network guarantees that our oil and energy sector clients are thoroughly supported at every stage of the logistic process.

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