Total Care Logistics Group specializes in international shipping for the pharma industry. In the last decade, we have developed unique tools for pharma cargo shipping around the world and have garnered a reputation for operating temperature-controlled cargos, import cargos, and complex drops.

The pharma industry has its unique requirements, such as cooling crate packing, controlled land freighting, loggers, and thermal blankets. Total Care Group meets all these requirements and needs thanks to our subsidiaries: Total Care Logistics Corp. in the US, and Total Care Logistics B.V. in Europe. This is complemented and supported by our broad reach of agents everywhere around the world, our companies, and our network of leading agents specializing in shipping.

International Shipping for the Pharma Industry

Total Care Group has an independent department for managing pharma cargo, consisting of an experienced team that takes care of all shipping and delivery stages, including QA, control, and audits with our clients. Our operations system is available 24/7 around the world and specializes in shipping pharma cargo via air, ocean, and land.

Temperature-controlled shipping is the basis for international pharma shipping. We can ship cargo at all ranges of required temperatures, including:

  • Room temperature +15 Ambient 15-25 C

  • Cooling, 2-8 C

  • Freezing, -15- -25 C

  • Deep freeze and dry ice, -70 C

  • Liquid nitrogen, -196 C

Advantages of Choosing Total Care for Your Pharma Shipments

Proven experience in pharma shipment – Total Care Group has a proven record in operating temperature-controlled cargos, import/export, and cross-continent drops for the pharma industry.

Cooling room at the company’s warehouse – Total Care owns a logistics center in Amsterdam with cooling rooms for storing cargo transitioning at temperatures of 2-8 C and 15-25 C.

Temperature control – during storage, the clients receive a username and password for closely monitoring temperature conditions, based on a temperature gauge connected to the room that uploads data to the cloud. We perform cargo consolidation from various suppliers at the center for containerization and ocean freighting.

Meeting the required operational quality requirements:

  • ISO 9001

  • AEO

  • Audits and control by leading pharma companies.

  • Active storage at various locations.

  • Experience in handling complex temperature control operations.

Choose Total Care Group as your partner in the shipping and logistics solutions for the pharma industry. We are committed to meeting the quality standards, and cooling conditions, and with our vast experience in the field, guarantee the success of each of your pharma shipping projects around the world.

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