Importing Agriculture Equipment to Georgia

Ocean freighting agriculture equipment: tractors and agricultural machinery, from Israel to Georgia. The freighting project started by planning the shipment and container requirements, facilitating the commercial planning, and preparing complete pricing. In the second stage, we transported the equipment to the warehouse in Israel, including containerization on 40ft flat containers, and securing the items. Shipping agricultural equipment is a complex process, especially since the machines are oversized and in need of special containerization. In the third stage, we prepared to ocean freight the cargo on flat containers all the way to Poti , including lining and packaging services in order to get the shipping company’s authorization for containerization on the ship. When shipping large cargos, there’s great importance to ensure correct containerization and anchoring of the items in order to make sure that they reach their destination intact. To complete the supply chain, we ocean freighted the cargo all the way to its destination in Georgia. This project was done by Total Care’s Export Projects department for a long-time client of ours. This was not the first time we worked with this client and have performed similar projects for them in the past, importing agricultural equipment from the US to Israel.

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