B2C Shipping Solutions – Get to Know Our Products

In its years as a professional shipping company, Total Care Logistics has developed advanced self-shipping abilities, allowing us to also offer international shipping services to private clients under our subsidiaries. Among the services are e-commerce door-to-door deliveries and courier customs brokerage services.
That is why we have established Red Box Parcel Ltd., specializing in delivery and e-commerce services, in possession of a customs brokerage and delivery certification by the Israeli Customs Authority.

The services the group offers private clients in international shipping include

  • End-to-end management of the independent shipping process.

  • Company-owned offices in Israel, Europe, and the US; and soon, a new office in China.

  • A network of agents worldwide.

  • Israeli delivery license.

  • Shipping and customs brokerage services.

  • Developing advanced technologies to manage and track the supply chain via an in-house program development team.

Our Group’s B2C Shipping Solutions Subsidiaries

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