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Nimrod Magidov, CEO

Nimrod Magidov, the CEO of Total Care Logistics Group, has headed the group ever since it was established in 2009. Nimrod is a world-renowned expert in the international shipping realm, with extensive experience in providing advanced shipping services and comprehensive solution portfolios for managing supply chain processes. Nimrod is linked to the key players in the Israeli export/import industry and works alongside the industry’s top executives. 

Simultaneous to his role as the group CEO, Nimrod makes sure to innovate and expand as part of constant upgrading and adapting to change. He establishes company subsidiaries, and launches additional activities for new audiences, while continuing to form strategic collaboration and developing groundbreaking technologies in the fields of logistics and shipping.

Before establishing the Total Care Logistics Group, Nimrod served as the CEO of Space ltd , and as the Logistics Manager of Paz energy company. Nimrod has over two decades of experience in developing international businesses, managing companies, and initiating global activities. Nimrod has an MBA from the University of Haifa.

Nir Cohen, CFO

Nir has been the group’s financial officer since 2019. He is in charge of the group’s financial management in Israel, the Netherlands, and the US; overseeing the budget, control processes, and acquisitions; managing the group’s cash flow and investments as well as establishing and implementing the company’s accounting processes. As part of his role, he is in charge of all the group’s contracts – in Israel and abroad – and all the legal aspects of Total Care Logistics, in all its offices and companies. Nir simultaneously manages the company’s administration and Human Resources, employee recruitment, training and enrichment, social activities and constantly attends to the employees’ needs.

Nir has garnered much experience in the field, having previously served as a department head of the Israeli Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and has over ten years of experience in finance and managing teams.

Nir has an LL.B from the Ono Academic College.

Hagai Halperin, COO and Trade

With a vast experience of nearly 20 years in the field of shipping, import/export, and managing logistics processes, Hagai has been professionally running the Operations and Trade division of the group since 2021.

As part of his role, Hagai is responsible for managing several main activity areas within the group, including import/export, commercial division, business development, and sales management. He also manages all of the employees and activities in the company’s office in the Netherlands and the US.

Hagai has a BA in Economics and Business Management from Ben Gurion University. 

Oren Kalka, Sales Division Manager

Oren has been managing the Total Care Group’s sales division since 2021. As part of his role, he is responsible for building the group’s sales strategy and meeting its goals, as well as managing sales processes and strategic clients. Oren has also been continuously managing a 3-field salesperson team.

Oren has vast experience of about 20 years in sales management and business development in the field of shipping, logistics, and credit risk management.
Oren has a BA in Business Management, majoring in Marketing Communications and Finance, from the College of Management Academic Studies.

Sharon Arami, Marketing Manager

Sharon is an expert marketing manager with a proven record in the fields of communication marketing, advertising, and digital media. She has rich experience in building marketing strategies and work plans, managing brands online, establishing lead campaigns, creating and managing marketing content, social media marketing and management, website SEO writing, sponsored advertising on Google and social media, public relations, and event production. Sharon has been managing the subsidiary company, Red Box’s marketing activity and has been in charge of the group’s marketing since 2003.

Rachel Noy Peled, Customs Brokerage Manager

Rachel has been managing the group’s customs brokerage, taking care of the imports of the company and its clients since 2014. As part of her role, Rachel is in charge of coordinating activities in the field, determining import taxation and legal aspects, and is in charge of the employees of our Customs Brokerage division.

Rachel joined the group after 30 years of experience in various customs brokerages, where she engaged in handling different requests when it came to releasing importers’ commodities, both from the service aspect as well as working with official government authorities.

Rachel has a BA in Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University. She graduated from the Human Resource Management class at the Hebrew University’s Magid Institute; completed the Tel Aviv Chamber of Commerce’s Customs Registration Clerks course, International Shipping course, and Customs Agents course. 

Mayrav Magidov, Organizational Development Manager

As the group’s Organizational Development Manager, Mayrav makes the work processes more effective, facilitates organizational consulting and employee training, with an emphasis on consulting for managers.

Mayrav is a certified educational psychologist with many years of experience in research and consulting for public and private entities, including the IDF, the Ministry of the Interior, commercial companies, and several educational systems. She has much experience in diagnosing, treating and consulting systems as part of her work in the Educational Psychological Service.
Mayrav has a BA in Psychology from the Hebrew University, and an MA in Psychology from Tel Aviv University.

Itay Cohen, Customs and Courier Team Lead

Itai has been managing the customs brokerage and courier services at Total Care Group since 2022. As part of his role, Itai is in charge of managing the customs and courier team, which deals with releasing cargo from customs control.

Itai brings with him his experience from previous shipping companies and customs brokerages. He has a Customs Agent certificate from the Avraham Kasher Import Studies Academic Center.

Racheli Mor, Export Division Manager

Racheli has been managing the ocean, air, and drop shipping export activities at Total Care Group since 2022. As part of her role, Racheli is responsible for finding a solution to any package, anywhere on the globe.

Racheli has over 20 years of experience in the field of shipping, delivery operations, and finding logistical solutions for private as well as business clients.

Racheli has experience interfacing with the Israeli Customs Authority, the Chamber of Commerce, and logistical warehouses. She’s an expert on commercial negotiations with air and ocean freight companies in Israel and abroad. Racheli has a B.A in Business Management From the Open University.

Shani Shemesh Amran, HR Manager


Shani has been managing HR, recruitment and administration at Total Care Group since 2023. As part of her role, she is responsible for leadint the company’s interviews and recruitment processes, training and employee develpment. Among other things, Shani manages the welfare aspect of the group and company events.

Shani arrived at the group with vast experience in employee recruitment and placement. She has a BA in Economics and Human Resources from Ariel University.

Idan Libhaber, Import Operations Manager

Idan has been managing the import operations in Total Care Logistics Group for the past year. Prior to this position, Idan had worked as an import referent in the company since 2017.

As part of his job, Idan is responsible for managing all the operations required in the importing process, including the contact between customs brokers and imports, working with ocean freight companies and other delivery suppliers, personnel, and terminals (once the cargo has arrived), updating the company’s clients on arrival dates and arrival times, and handling prepaid cargo for incoming deliveries.

Idan is responsible for the profitability of the group’s import field. He therefore performs routine income-expenditure checks, and makes sure the price quotes given are correct.

Shmulik Adiv, Pharma Operations Manager

Shmulik has been managing the pharma at Total Care Group since 2020. As part of his role, Shmulik has managed the supply chain and logistical processes for various Israeli pharmaceutical companies. He manages a professional team of employees that thoroughly understand the field of pharma, the limitations and rules that apply to importers and exporters in the field, as well as advising and performing audits for them. Shmulik and his team’s expertise in the field allows the company’s clients to bring their supply to their destination in the most efficient way, without any unnecessary delays. 

Shmulik has an LL.B from the Academic Center for Law and Science.

Alon Bar Tov, Manager, Ben Gurion Airport Office

Alon has been managing the group’s branch at Ben Gurion Airport since 2016. As part of his role, Alon is responsible for the group’s logistics and operational activities at the airport. He brings with him over a decade’s worth of proven experience in logistics, operations, import/export, as well as ground freight. Alon has completed the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air- Category 6 course at Swissport and has a Lufthansa Cargo ULD Build Up course certificate.

Ronit Roiz, Head Accountant

Ronit has been Total Care Group’s head accountant since 2017. As part of her role, she is responsible for managing the group’s finances, including issuing balances to a CPA and managing her department’s staff. Ronit is a highly experienced head accountant. In her previous role, Ronit managed GoActive’s finances (now part of Holmes Place Ltd.). Ronit has Type 1 and Type 2 Accounting certification from Ono Academic College. Additionally, she holds a Payroll Accounting certificate from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel.

Moti Tsahor, Head of Legal Department

Moti has been running Total Care Logistic’s Legal department since 2010. Mordechai provides the group with legal and commercial consulting. 

Mordechai has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, an MA in Communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and a PhD in Law from Ono Academic College.

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