Air Freight

A Great Solution for Quick Delivery Times

For companies that import, export, and manage a global supply chain, air freight is an important and even critical factor for business success. Total Care Logistics offers advanced air freight services in order to provide quick, reliable deliveries while meeting the changing supply demands of various industries and fields. Air freight is a great, available, and effective logistical solution for delivering goods from one place to another in a short time. Managing the air freight supply chain allows for a quick and effective shipment of cargo, at a relatively higher cost than other shipping methods.

Air freight services include:

Priority cargo service

Managing high-priority cargo to ensure it reaches its destination quickly.

D2D (Door to door)

Flexible and convenient service that allows you to send a package from one point to another according to the customer’s specifications. For instance, sending cargo from a company, factory, warehouse, or store all the way to the end client’s front door.

Third-party (Drop shipping)

The possibility of transferring packages and the responsibility for them to a third party in the delivery process, as per the client’s needs.

Service consolidation

The ability to unify shipping services and provide combined solutions for quick and effective shipping.

Weekly consolidation

The possibility to unify cargo from various locations around the world for more effective and cost-effective shipping.

Total Care Logistics’ Air Freight Advantages

  • Complete service, from order to final delivery

    We manage our clients’ entire delivery process, from point of order to the receiving of the delivery (PO to POD).

  • Years of experience

    Total Care Logistics Group has vast experience in air freight for many industries, all with different demands, such as pharmaceutical products, medications and medical equipment, hazardous materials, fashion, and refrigerated shipping.

  • Delivery tracking and online updates

    The group’s clients enjoy the option to track their cargo in real time, through our online system.

  • Weekly consolidation from Europe, the Far East, and the US

    The possibility to consolidate cargo from different places for better efficiency.

  • Flexible and client-oriented service:

    Reducing shipping costs and shortening delivery times.

  • Competitive prices

    Based on long-term agreements with air freight companies guarantee that our clients get the most competitive prices.

  • Quick response and troubleshooting

    Our support team is quick to respond and provide solutions to any question or issue.

  • 24/7 availability

    The group provides a professional, around-the-clock service.

Choosing Total Care Logistics Ltd. guarantees our clients advanced, effective, and safe shipping solutions, while emphasizing up-to-the-minute service and complete availability.

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