Customs Brokerage

Tailor-made customs brokerage services are a main component in Total Care Logistics’ import/export services. By being thoroughly familiar with the complexities of international trade, we offer comprehensive solutions for releasing cargo from customs, ensuring our clients a streamlined supply chain.

Our customs brokerage services include:

Consultation on import legalities

Total Care provides its clients with professional consultation by our certified customs agents. Thanks to the courses, certifications, and long-term experience, our agents are trained in import legalities, importing licenses, trade agreements, and goods and services classification according to Israeli legal customs protocol.

Customs brokerage for air and ocean freight

Making the release of air and ocean freight cargo process easier while guaranteeing meeting all the relevant ordinances and regulations.

Overall database

Beyond providing a traditional customs brokerage, Total Care Logistics also provides its clients with the establishment of an overall database for classifying items and treating licenses, and import certifications required for streamlining the customs release process.

Importance of Customs Brokerage

International trade can be a complex process, especially when it comes to customs brokerage. Releasing goods from customs is a decisive process that companies have to perform in order to legally import or export goods across international borders. This process guarantees that all of the import taxes are paid and that the goods meet the relevant requirements.
  • Expert consultation

    Our expert customs agents guide our clients regarding import legalities, making sure to comply with trade agreements and standards.

  • Effective processing

    We make the customs brokerage process for air and ocean freight more efficient and reduce delays.

  • Pre-shipment support

    We offer professional support before shipment, in order to improve the cargo’s compatibility and efficiency.

Total Care Logistics is your trustworthy partner for customs release services, efficiency, and keeping legal customs protocol.

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