Pharma Cargo Importing from Brazil to Israel 

One of our clients asked us to air freight a temperature-controlled pharma delivery from Brazil to Israel during COVID-19.

Operating the air freight included scheduling the pickup from the Brazil factory, providing temperature-controlled land and air freight, including the provision of thermal blankets and loggers to measure the temperature. Other than the challenge of maintaining the temperature throughout the shipment, we were also asked to find a solution to the air freight to Israel during that time, since flights into the country were scarce. We were finally asked to make sure the shipment was collected in a temperature-controlled way from the airport.

Thanks to the comprehensive logistics solutions Total Care provides to its clients, and the use of our Netherlands warehouse as a direct link between Brazil and Israel, we were able to successfully complete the complex shipping project, having the cargo arrive safely and at the right temperature to its Israel destination, while upholding all pharma industry standards and regulations.

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