Drop Shipping

Total Care Logistics Group is an expert in drop shipping, third-party shipping, and express delivery.

Drop shipping is a popular trading method for managing supply chains. In this way, a retailer doesn’t have commodities in stock but rather transfers orders and items directly to the manufacturer, store, or wholesaler, and they send the commodity directly to the client. Many retailers make a lot of profit from the difference between the wholesale and retail prices, or from an agreed-upon commission of the sale value, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.

Third-party shipping

A third-party shipping service solves trade over many countries.

Also sometimes known as “triangle shipment”, this service occurs when a trading company in one country buys the commodity in another country, and then sells it to a third country, with the dispatcher effectively becoming the exporter. Our company arranges the correct documentation accordingly. 

In these types of shipping, Total Care Logistics relies on its global network of agents and our many years of experience.

Express delivery

Supporting our air and ocean freighting, Total Care Logistics offers a D2D service for small packages and sending documents anywhere around the globe.

For a complete service, Total Care Logistics makes sure to quickly release shipments from customs using the company’s customs brokerage division, taking care of all the required documents from abroad and the Israeli law authorities.

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