Fashion – Clothing and Footwear

Total Care Logistics specializes in fashion – clothing and footwear.

Total Care Group stands out as a long-term supplier of import services in the ever-dynamic fashion industry. In an industry where timetables are everything, we offer comprehensive logistical solutions to fit this industry’s unique requirements.

Logistical Solutions for the Fashion Industry

On-time collection and transportation

in the fast-paced fashion world, timetables are critical, collection and season-oriented. Total Care excels in collecting and shipping on a required schedule, while making sure the fashion and clothing items arrive on time.

Detailed documentation

efficiency is at the heart of our shipping services. We run meticulous documentation, rush releasing processes, and minimize holdups. Our initiated system of detailed documentation helps hasten the release process, and ensures streamlined documentation that meets the strictest fashion industry requirements.

Regulation and standardization

navigating the complex regulatory landscape of fashion requires expertise. Total Care Logistics is familiar with regulatory demands, including label matching and receiving standardization institutions’ authorizations in advance. Our commitment to compliance ensures that the customs release process is streamlined.

Customs release expertise

Total Care Group specializes in customs release for fashion exports, while adhering to the inspection requirements and demands of the customs authorities. We understand the importance of cargo import dates, especially in the fashion industry, and aspire to meet close deadlines within hours of reaching air- or seaports.

Storage transport

we offer tailor-made storage transport to fit the fashion industry’s specific needs. Our logistical services span beyond the port, to make sure that fashion items are smoothly transported to their designated storage facilities.

One-stop Shop for Your Commercial Fashion Imports

Total Care Logistics Group is your one-stop shop for all fashion, footwear, and clothing import logistics and shipping needs. With vast experience in the fashion industry, we provide holistic solutions for dealing with the unique operational challenges of this dynamic field.
  • Expertise

    experience in providing fashion and clothing import services.

  • Meeting deadlines

    committed to meeting tight deadlines of the fast-paced fashion industry.

  • Regulations

    well-versed in monitoring and meeting strict regulatory demands.

  • Comprehensive solutions

    one-stop shop for fashion logistics and streamlining operational challenges.

Total Care Logistics is your trustworthy partner in fashion products logistics and shipping, providing tailor-made solutions that combine expertise, meeting deadlines, and catering for the unique requirements of the fashion industry.

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