Shipping Solutions

Total Care Logistics Group offers international shipping services using a solutions and services bundle to manage all supply chain processes, for commercial clients in the fields of import/export (B2B), and private clients in the fields of private import (B2C).

Commercial Import/Export – Commercial Clients – B2B

The Total Care Group provides freight shipment via ocean freight (containers), air freight, and customs brokerage services: releasing containers, classifying commodities, tax collection, and communication with the Israeli Customs Authority.

Total Care Logistics has international shipping and customs brokerage licenses from Israeli Customs and the Standards Institution of Israel ISO 9001 and is recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator (AOE) by Israeli Customs. With these licenses and standards, the group provides complete solutions to the challenges of its clients’ import/export needs, and provides an overall guarantee, from the purchase order until it reaches its POD destination.

Personal Import – Private Clients
– Ecommerce B2C

Total Care Logistics Group provides door-to-door international shipping and courier customs brokerage services for private clients.
The following companies provide this service:
Red Box Parcel, My Red Box, Orca Market

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