Oversized Freight

Heavy haul: oversized freight or client-specific demands

Total Care Logistics Group has long-term expertise in managing oversized freight projects. Freight can be considered oversized in the following two cases: in size and weight, or one that contains special, client-specific conditions.

Key factors for successful oversized freighting


We measure its success by comparing the planned expenses and the actual ones.


We commit to providing the cargo according to the set timetable.


Our oversized freighting services meet all the safety standards and regulations, while taking every possible danger into consideration.

Planning oversized freighting projects

Total Logistics Care builds a comprehensive project plan by working closely with our clients’ management teams. This plan is used as a guideline and allows our clients to foresee unexpected circumstances. In case of changes along the way, we have the ability to make adjustments while calculating optimal cost-efficient considerations, meeting schedules, and putting security above all else.

Advantages of an international shipping company

Total Logistics Care’s experts have extensive experience in managing complex international logistical processes. Using advanced technological tools, a wide network of agents around the world, and profound knowledge, we turn your plans into reality. Whether we are taking care of large and complicated shipments or big, specifically demanded cargo, Total Care Logistics provides time- and cost-efficient solutions.
  • Expertise

    We have the required expertise to navigate complex logistical challenges.

  • Technology

    Our IT tools optimize operations, guaranteeing you efficiency and precision.

  • Flexibility

    Adjusting to unexpected circumstances guarantees the successful execution of our plan.

  • Security

    We prioritize safety standards in every aspect of our project delivery operations.

Choosing Total Care Logistics Group as your international shipping partner transforms challenges into opportunities. Let us provide you with trustworthy, timely, and cost-efficient solutions.

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