SEA Freight

Total Care Logistics - Your Partner for International Shipping and Ocean Freight

As a certified international shipping company, Total Care Logistics specializes in shipping containers, partial shipments, and small deliveries to various destinations around the world. Our commitment to excellence stretches from one port to another, from door to door, regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with leading shipping companies and global network of agents spread all over the world, Total Care Logistics promises its clients effective and professional ocean freighting.

Competitive Services for Your Global Shipping Needs

  • Ongoing contracts and international expertise

    Total Care Logistics Group prides itself on holding international freight licenses and ongoing contracts with major delivery lines, allowing us to offer a wide range of services that fit our clients’ commercial requirements and timetables optimally.

  • Comprehensive management of international shipping processes

    Our dedicated team provides completemanagement of all international shipping processes, overseeing deliveries from the PO all the way to the POD. Using an advanced online tracking system guarantees that we provide our clients with real-time updates.

  • Documentation

    We take care of all the necessary documentation for the ocean freight process. We manage the complexities of releasing the cargo and make sure it reaches its destination. Our meticulous approach guarantees a clean, smooth, and effective process, minimizing delays, and meeting the standards and regulations.

  • Global solutions for diversified delivery needs

    We offer advanced solutions all over the world, providing different kinds of deliveries thanks to the expertise and professionalism we have obtained through the years. Our international scope and the strategic partnerships we have formed all over the globe, allow us to provide you with custom-fit shipping solutions for every cargo and container.

  • Set timetables for maximum efficiency

    Total Care Logistics Group understands the importance of business time management. We provide set timetables for LCL and FCL, according to our clients’ needs. This commitment to punctuality allows them to plan and execute precisely.

  • Committed teams

    Our committed team – strategically located at the busy ports of Haifa and Ashdod – along with the main team at our Hod HaSharon headquarters, are waiting for the opportunity to collaborate with you. Total Care Logistics is committed to adding significant value to your supply chain, while guaranteeing a smooth and efficient ocean freighting experience.

Total Care Logistics is the right choice for ocean freighting. Let our experts take care of your cargo in the sea, air, or land.

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